Paladin Application

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Paladin Application

Post  Unique on Wed Mar 26, 2008 10:09 pm

Hey, I saw that you wasn't currently recruiting paladins but i desided to do a application anyway and hope for the best Smile

Whats the name of your character?

What class are you playing?

Where are you located?
South-east sweden

How old are you?

Is there any days/times you cannot be online at, and how long can you play?
I usually got to school 8-15. Evenings I can raid to about 00:30.

Whats your proffessions?
None atm, thinking about picking up alchemy. Or whatever the guild needs.

What is your current gear?
Starting gear plus a few DM items atm. Getting more right now.

What can you do to contribute to the guild?
If I go healing, i'll contribute with heals, if I go DPS, inn contribute with DPS. Also I have a happy mood and I hope to contribute to a happy atmosphere. (Got alts placed at outdoor raidbosses too to check if they are spawned)

What is your current endgame raiding experience? (Pre TBC)
Emeriss, Azuregos, Kazzak, BWL (up to nefarian, didnt kill him) ZG, MC and Onyxia.

Tell us abit about yourself! (Optional)
Ordniary 18-year-old-guy who spends time with friends and girlfriend on his spare time. Got three buddies in the guild already, Sprutsprut, Mimiosa and Solitude.


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